Examples of finished boats

We’re building Farrier F36 sail number 5, from Farrier Marine’s plans issued in 1994. Our hull has about 3 extra feet added behind the rear beam, done in consultation with designer Ian Farrier to help ‘modernize’ the F36 towards his later F39 design. 005 will be a bit of an F36 / F39 hybrid; the beams are NOT folding but can be demounted in a one-day process to separate the three hulls and beams for road trailer transport. Our boat will have the F39’s cassette rudder, carbon chainplates and carbon rotating mast. Launching approximate 20 years after her design, 005 will incorporate many advances in synthetic, simplified, non-metallic rigging proven here in the mid-2010s.

To help my extended family visualize what will emerge from the Napa Valley Marina in 2014, here’s a look at other successfully launched F36s:

completed boats

And here is the F39 Yellowfish, commissioned and owned by a wonderful doc Gary in NY. He welcomed Greg aboard his boat just a few weeks before Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on the East Coast. Seeing Yellowfish helped tremendously in understanding the two-dimensional F36 and F39 plan books in hand.


For the complete story of the Farrier F36 and F39 designs, see Farrier Marine’s official site:


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