What are your thoughts?

Let’s just say there aren’t a lot of Fboat builders hanging around Sonoma County. Our hulls are tucked in the row of industrial park neighbors including the pressure washing equipment, kitchen remodelers, wood shops, motorcycle repair, etc.  So the F-boat forum, and now perhaps this blog, are lifelines of sorts to help keep this F36 build on track.
Comments from experienced hands are more than welcomed. All systems need to be thought through – for example, in considering electric propulsion, do we put the focus on a large battery bank to minimize use of a fossil-fuel generator?  What’s the right solar array and wind-turbine mounting system – lots of options…
The boat needs to support year-round living – think coastal Scotland foggy nights. How well does the combo cabin heat / water heater diesel unit work?

Are there tank meters for use on flexible bladder style water tanks? How will the Spectra watermaker do feeding that style of tank?  etc. etc. etc.

Thanks for reading the miscellaneous ramblings.


15 thoughts on “What are your thoughts?

  1. I like the method for attaching the nets. How do you hold the pvc pipe on before glassing, what do you use to cut the notches and where do you buy the quarter inch rod?

    • Good questions!
      I’m using pipe straps and short screws every few feet to ‘tack’ the pipe in place, then doing a first pass of 3″ wide glass strips close to those straps. Let the glass cure, then remove the straps and epoxy the little screw holes. Now do all the fillet and glass work.
      Slots will be cut with a basic hole saw on hand drill guided by a homemade jig.
      Rods will either be fiberglass from McMaster Carr dot com or aluminum from metalwarehouse dot com.

  2. Hi Greg,

    I saw your Yahoo post to Martyn Adams who I know as a fellow Seattlite. You mentioned Stephen Marcoe in Reno. I’ll be in the Bay area early May shopping for an F27 or C31 or similar. I may even look at Gary Helms listing of a C36 though their rep has me a bit spooked. I’ll be looking at broker boats but am also trying to shake the trees to see if there are others available. So I’m wondering if Stephen would be helpful in my search. Do you have contact info for him. Interesting about Webster. I’m trying to keep a look out for local boats and am surprised none of my fellow NW Multihull Club members, (where I see Martyn every month), didn’t bring up its availability.

    Do you have Stephen’s contact info? Or give him my email which was requested to reply to this post.

    Beautiful boat/build you have there. Well done.

    Eric Lindahl in Seattle

  3. Greg and Jeanne,
    Got your link from the BAMA site and love to see other Farrier projects. I have just finished (one is never really “finished”) a four year refit of our F-9A built by Rod Tharpe in Olympia Washington and bought by my wife, Julie, and me in 2008. Rod used it mainly for racing and we have converted it to a cruising machine.
    We just returned to Redwood Valley from a winter in the Florida Keys where we got a chance to test the effectiveness of all the changes I made. You may be interested in some, particularly the lithium battery electrical system, anchor roller, mast cradle/stern pulpit, watermaker and plumbing system, reefing system, solar panel layout and the dodger/bimini/full enclosure which we absolutely love!
    Our blog of the Florida trip can be seen and read at http://www.sailblogs.com. Look for “Coconut.”

    • Hey, I’d love to hear about you experiences with lithium batteries on your boat. I have used them in golf carts, electrci cars and other devices, and am proposing to help Greg design a system for his boat, but would love to hear your experience with it in that use.


  4. Greg,
    I posted many more photos in the “photo” section of our Coconut blog with lots of photos and info on the systems I added to Coconut. I think these may be what you are interested in, I know I was when I was building.
    Will you be going to the Strictly Sail Show in Jack London Square? We will be there on Friday. If you happen to be around then, maybe we can meet.
    Happy Building,

  5. I am so glad I found your site! The workmanship is great and the blog is chock full of ideas.
    I am a long time owner of an F-27 and for just as long have covetted the F-39. I love my F-27 and for what we plan to use her for she is OK, but a bit small. She is in great shape, largely stock but I have added a pilothouse that gives me standing headroom at the galley, a bowsprit for a screecher and a small rudder attached to the outboard so there is some ability to steer at low speed. I am considering adding a swim platform with cassette rudder (yours is the goal), 420W of solar, to power reefer and water desalinator. Anyone out there have ideas for mounting a solar array? I was thinking of a bimini or one panel faired into each ama. This sounds crazy but I considered enlarging her, cutting her lengthwise and adding 12 inches in beam. The increase in length at the bow, along with the swim platform, which would bring her to about the size of a low windage F-36. To risky a proposal for me.
    Love your build

    • Doug, I sure hope you don’t take a sawzall to the F27! The structural integrity of the glass and carbon weaves would be destroyed and probably yield a very unsafe boat. It would be pretty hard to make that boat sail any better, and hull#1 was a very accomplished transpacific sailor.
      Swim steps are great on the back; they helped Origami’s bouyancy and speed. A cassette rudder would be easy to do with the gudgeons bolted to the transom wall. For the solar, I’ll fabricate carbon brackets to affix to the back of the aft beams, putting the panels well behind the sail shadows. I’d think that would work just fine for the f27 too even through folding.
      Thank you for the kind words on our project.

  6. Hi
    I’ve tried quite a few of the release agents and have good success with using rubber grease on the mandrell then wrapping it with cling wrap-you know the thin kitchen stuff used for sealing goods in the refrigerator. If it still won’t come off and you have to slit it then fill the slit from underneath with resin and let it set so it can’t close over when bagging or standard glassing. I also use the cling wrap when glassing on humid days to stop moisture uptake. Also is good as a cheap and very versatile peel ply.
    Made a 100 mm glassed tube via reverse mandrell. I used a stormwater pipe and wet out a length of glass cloth. Wound this into the inside of the pipe then blew up a balloon inside this. I used some gaffer tape to balance the bulging balloon as the side with the largest bulge eventually takes all the air and it all drops out, so wrap the tape to balance the bulges either side of the tube.

  7. Hi Greg,

    You helped convert (or completely did it, I don’t know which), an f-27 poptop to a combo poptop/sliding hatch for Charlie Jeremias. Would you do another? I’d like to convert mine, but don’t have the time, what with work and two young kids.

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