Christmas 2011 move

To start 2012, we moved the boat from the shop in Newark, CA that’s been home for over a decade. Rent on the Santa Rosa, CA shop began 1/1/12, with resolutions made to get the beams built this year. At this point, the floats are complete and finish painted. The main hull is complete, with the fore-cabin and main saloon furniture mostly built. Galley, head, rear cabin, propulsion, steering, dagger, rudder, main hatches, electrical and plumbing all yet to be started.

Loaded by 9am on a Landoll tilt bed trailer

starboard float safety check at Richmond Bridge toll plaza, 8 hours after moving main hull

3 hulls safely tucked in to the new shop the next morning after moving the port float

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Do NOT hit the cement wall!

Yikes, squeezing Ravenswing into the Travelift launch & retrieve bay in Puerto Penasco is really tricky. Our boat is 26’9″ wide, and their slot is about 28′ at the top, but it gets narrower as the tide goes down. I was piloting solo that day, and of course a breeze from the side came up just as it was my turn to come to the lift. Only get one shot to stick the landing, or gouge the crap out of your boat on the rough cement walls. But thanks to friends ashore, willing to stick their feet and fenders down, we did not create a bunch more work :) This video is mostly technical composites building work – no adventures this go-round. We’ll get back out there in the new year. thanks for following along in 2022 everybody!

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