Christmas 2011 move

To start 2012, we moved the boat from the shop in Newark, CA that’s been home for over a decade. Rent on the Santa Rosa, CA shop began 1/1/12, with resolutions made to get the beams built this year. At this point, the floats are complete and finish painted. The main hull is complete, with the fore-cabin and main saloon furniture mostly built. Galley, head, rear cabin, propulsion, steering, dagger, rudder, main hatches, electrical and plumbing all yet to be started.

Loaded by 9am on a Landoll tilt bed trailer

starboard float safety check at Richmond Bridge toll plaza, 8 hours after moving main hull

3 hulls safely tucked in to the new shop the next morning after moving the port float

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June was well spent on the Sea of Cortez

Ruby the Labrador and I did the long drive from San Francisco to Loreto, Baja because I had to return the repaired engine to the boat. Got everything re-installed in a few hours, and set off for a really nice two week exploration around the Loreto Islands National Park. Ruby was ‘in-heat’ for the first time during this trip, so I had to be especially on guard to protect our girl’s virtue, fending off any suitors. Enjoy the show here…

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