Launch Day

June 15, 2016 – The Sea Ranch launch ramp at Napa Valley Marina. For details of how we transported the hulls, beams and rig, go back on this website’s archives to the June 2016 blog posts.

f36 6-12-2016 10-12-40 PM 2592x1728f36 6-12-2016 10-13-48 PM 2592x1728f36 6-12-2016 10-15-00 PM 2592x1728f36 6-12-2016 11-20-42 PM 2592x1728f36 6-12-2016 11-56-01 PM 2592x1728f36-1 6-13-2016 12-22-36 AM 1728x2592f36-1 6-13-2016 12-39-10 AM 2592x1728f36-1 6-13-2016 1-25-02 AM 2592x1728f36-1 6-13-2016 1-28-32 AM 1728x2592f36-1 6-13-2016 1-30-28 AM 2592x1728f36-1 6-13-2016 1-38-29 AM 2592x1728f36-1 6-13-2016 1-39-02 AM 1728x2592f36-1 6-13-2016 1-39-45 AM 2592x1728f36-1 6-13-2016 1-48-48 AM 2592x1728IMG_9361These 3 hulls were started 20 years before – you could feel the boat yearning from so many life-happens delays to finally get wet. What a magical moment as Ravenswing glided into the river.


Ravenswing’s first voyage was less than a mile downstream (near that railroad bridge) to Charlie & Barb’s home & dock. We spent a month closing out the workshop and stepping the rig / preparing sails. July 17, 2016 was her first journey by sail, down the Napa River and on to Marina Bay, Richmond. Big thanks to Goose for all these wonderful shots, and for bringing us gas because the skipper forgot to check that!

IMG_9606IMG_9607IMG_9612IMG_9615IMG_9617IMG_9624IMG_9627IMG_9632IMG_9635IMG_9642IMG_9650IMG_9656IMG_9658IMG_9659IMG_9663IMG_9668So glad we took that conservative reef, and the jib never left the deck as San Pablo Bay was howling. Just like all the trailerable F-boats, it only took a couple of swells before a nasty one hit the windward hull side and doused the cockpit with spray. Get that dodger done!  It was sailing love from day one.