Apologies made

We closed up the shop early Thursday to make the parents evening at Griffin’s baseball camp. It’s hosted by Dusty Baker who actually attended this time because he’s not managing the Cincinnati Reds this summer. Griff had a strong camp and won a batting award, and I got to shake Dusty’s hand and apologize for cold nights at Candlestick in the 70’s when I wished he would strike out (as a Dodger). His reply was, “and I didn’t, did I” with a sly smile.

Ok, it was a couple of months back that the windshield base grew up out of the deck. Yesterday the removable windshield got mocked up in cardboard.




The windshield should provide a lot of protection from nasty SFBay slop spray, and it’s intentionally wide to really enclose the cockpit once the hard dodger and cloth Bimini are fitted. A lot of modern boats are doing nice rounded / curved spray hoods, but I think this look serves the original Farrier intentions and it’s much more realistic to build quickly and cleanly.

The cardboard became templates for the five panel frames, and we cut a 3/4″ wide router pass around the outer facings to allow 1/4″ deep acrylic windows to flush mount in the frames. Expecting the windows can simply be glued in, using some of the amazing new bonding products. Also, the middle panel will be built with a hinge on top so that window can swing forward to allow a breeze to pass through (thinking ahead to the tropics – thanks Geoff!)

The frames are corner-glued now and once that sets up we’ll vacuum bag each panel’s laminations this weekend.

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