45 feet of ugly

Rumor has it a nasty old single-wide mobile home has come back to life as a multihull boat support vehicle. So while you wouldn’t trust this thing for any human activity, Stephen’s old trailer did a great job hauling our mast the last 200 miles west from Toronto. The mast had piggybacked on a Formula 30 cat (which looks great and is for sale in Reno) and made it to the Marcoe’s side yard. It was a HUGE relief to finally get this thing tucked away in the workshop. Jeanne and Griffin were heroic in figuring out wedging the 50′ into the 48′ shop.



Although I had seen the mast last fall in Canada, today is a fresh reminder of how nice it looks and the quality of workmanship used. Because it was designed for a different boat, and was built 6-7 years ago but never used, the delivery trip took a detour to naval architect Jim Antrim’s office on Tuesday for a professional opinion on the suitability for our boat. Eagerly awaiting his report.
Wednesday morning was consumed with cleaning the mast from years in storage and the transcontinental drive. The last photo today is for Jimbo – as if you were standing there directing me, after the bath the whole thing got wrapped in movers’ stretch plastic so it’ll be all fresh for the launching day!

This afternoon was a special treat while glass work on the hard top and stern tower cured. It’s time to install SAILING STUFF!

Everything is based off the hull centerline and the center pin of the mast. Basically a big geometry exercise to plot out the halyards exiting the mast base and running back through the windshield holes. The jib car track placement comes from the plans.
All bolts are getting oversized drilling; next up is backfilling those holes with solid epoxy putty, then re drilling holes using the bolt diameters. This process prevents the soft cedar core from compressing when the bolts are tightened. See the too-big holes all around the ceiling hatch.

We’ll figure out how to do this same process but with recesses on the bottom of the boat where the plumbing through-hulls can be made flush for streamlining. Saw that done on a custom boat and it is great.

Ok, small detour tomorrow, having to make the 450 mile round tripper to take the big blue meanie trailer back to Reno. Really hoping it doesn’t rain or spit snow on those bald tires!


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