More of anchoring stuff down

Seems to be a theme around here right now – make sturdy bases for the sail rigging. This takes many forms.

Keith pointed out that the cap shroud chainplates as shown last week really should be swiveled 20 degrees off the centerline so the pull against the big clevis pin would be directly in line with the mast. He’s right, and this is another small improvement modification beyond the decade-old F39 plans.
Cutting that bulkhead slot was tricky last week, but a $2 short blade for the sawzall made the extra 20 degree slice easy.

So now the plates fit at the new angle.


Next up is a place to attach the twin mainsheets. Remember these are arranged in an inverted Vee off the boom, eliminating a traditional traveller. So we want the lower mainsheet blocks far outboard for good sail control. Again, not in the plans so we thought up this:
Big sturdy triangles glued and bolted to the hull side. First make a mold for the carbon fiber layup:

The rod made it easy to rotate the piece as ten layers of various fabric orientations went on. This thing should be plenty strong.

It was cut in two, and the form knocked away after this next photo. Tomorrow morning it joins the other pieces headed for the post-cure oven.

And here’s roughly how it’ll go on the hull:


Gotta get up early to load things for the big oven post cure bright and early Monday. Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “More of anchoring stuff down

  1. Nice job on the 20 degree rotation, looks good, I guess you angled the slot in the bulkhead too, make sure that chainplate is bonded in like it’s never going anywhere!


    • Yes sir, 20 degrees rotated inboard, 3 degrees leaning towards the centerline and 8 degrees tilted forward towards the mast. Lots of lines drawn. And my best fillets yet, with thirsty 1/32 milled fibers added to the epoxy/cabosil putty.


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