Sander vs Linear Poly Urethane

6 hours on Sunday and 4 Monday with a big sander finally got the best of the two-part LPU paint on the mast. That is a very tough, durable paint for one’s boat.


We’re now awaiting the carbon fiber fabric order, and will pick up the slow version of epoxy hardener from the manufacturer on Thursday (Bill, we’re stopping for a few minutes on 680)

The six inch orbital sander was using a 40 grit Bosch disk for every 5-6′ of the mast on the first side. About 5 hours in the flooring contractor neighbor stopped by and insisted we try his Bora green disks. The commercial stuff used to strip floors – wow, it only took four of those disks for 3/4 of the mast! Definitely a case for having the right tool for the job. We had to be careful of not chewing in to the carbon laminate – just get the paint!

Back to interior woodworking while the mast awaits materials….

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