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cos-1Does this guy look like a pro sailor / pro boat-builder or what? Marc Cosbey has prepared a lot of grand prix sailboats for some of the biggest races in the world (like his America’s Cup mugshot above). Last winter the re-launch of the first big Gunboat, in time for the Transpac, had his attention. And if I don’t screw this up, we might get his skills roped in to Awgrip-spray the F36 this fall. So before Coz says yes, he wants to see the project so far. Since he lives 4 hours away in the beautiful Sierras, here’s some video to start the conversation…

4 crappy iphone movies for you, Coz; the main hull, the deck, the interior (nothing needed in there) and a quick overview of the workshop. The two float hulls, the mast and the 4 beams are already finished in Interlux Perfection (roll & tip) and off at a storage yard.


shop video

hull video

deck video

interior video

4 thoughts on “videos for Cozmo

  1. Hey Boss, Things are looking really good! You knocked it out of the park.I know you’re a way busy guy, but was wondering if you might have a little time at your convenience to come by and help me drop my mast?Dean 396-6469


  2. Oct. 20, 2015–Your completed interior work looks great.
    Video suggestions–(1) Often you voice level is too low. (2) On tight video shots, move your camera slower. That’s because when you quickly move from one tight shot to another shot, you don’t give your Video Camera time to refocus, resulting in many burry shots. (3) Always start with a wide shot of the area, and then zoom in for slower tight shots.
    THANK YOU for video taping your work. It shows the difficulty, and the amount of work that goes into the building of a boat.


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