I looked up and suddenly it was done

The fairing process of this big hull seems to go on in a punishing ‘foreverland’ manner. So much sand paper laid to waste, so many times back to the mixing table for epoxy putty. Tired arms. And then suddenly this evening, this was it:

That’s the last surface on the whole exterior of the boat that needed just a bit more goo (in white, as a skim coat) to fill some imperfections. Yea! At last. There were a dozen other small spots ahead of this one, and they’ll all get a quick final hand sanding as soon as the shop warms up enough to cure the epoxy (no heater in our thousand sq ft California locale). We’ll prep for primer and start rolling once we get back to above-60 reliable daytime temps.

Here’s how those beam strut fairings turned out

Those will help smooth the water flow through waves, and further seal the hull at a key flex/stress point.

Charlie knows about the big cardboard box of foam core off-cuts. It’s divided in to still-unused foam scraps on one side and various composite part scraps on the other. We’ve been thinking about a lightweight, removable cockpit table and how to mount it. A quick scrounge in the cut box found part of the original tiller idea:

You’re looking at it now cut another foot shorter, with the old foam core dug out of the target piece. Once it was cleaned up, we laminated it to the lower face of the cockpit bench, near the engine control cable conduit. So now we have a custom carbon fiber table mount that weighs about four ounces :). Making the table and the leg now sits on the growing POST-launch to do list.

Time to go back inside the boat and start wiring while we wait for painting weather.

1 thought on “I looked up and suddenly it was done

  1. Greg, Looking good!! P.V. is 85 today, can’t wait to see how the tri looks in warm water!! Hope you and family had a great Christmas. Say hi to Charlie for me.


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