Full Hoist

7am muster at the boat today to bend on the mainsail and try the first hoist ever on this mast. Wow, is this a fantastic sail! Fits exactly as we planned and it’s so well made. 

Here’s the Skateaway Designs headboard with the rebate space for the 2:1 halyard block. I love how this gets more head of the sail up in the clean air. 
Ravenswing was dancing on the dock lines, ready to charge as a light breeze filled in. It was bittersweet to lower the sail and get back to a work weekday!

Also got the lazyjacks about 80% done yesterday eve – pics of those once finished next week (under ordered 25′ of line :(

The bow got finished up. Happy with the carbon and glass pulpit, color matched to the rig and beams. The grey dyneema nets kind of tie it all together. 

Tonight in the shop we finished fab and fairing work of the replacement tiller stub

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