Sunday with a glue gun

We got back to the daggerboard reshaping this morning by digging out a bag of foam core scraps. This would take longer, piecing together odd bits. But it’s better than waiting days for a new shipment, and that stuff is expensive. So with the little tabletop bandsaw we got busy.

I’d forgotten that the 5lb density foam core is difficult to shape with sanders. For anyone else doing this, these abrasive wheels on an angle grinder so a nice job without leaving bad gouges. Easily found at Harbor Freight, etc.

Here after rough shaping.

Then we cut off the last trailing 1″, which will get rebuilt later with solid glass and putty so as to achieve a sharp knife-edge for smooth water exit.

After lunch we ran down to Napa Autoparts for some body filler. Since this will be buried under the fiberglass, we’re not worried about exposing bondo to the sea. And it has the huge benefit of hardening in 20 minutes. So the afternoon was spent flipping the board over, sanding one side while the other had its next skim coat hardening up. It took four passes to get where we’re happy this new core will give a fair fiberglass’s surface.

Ok, the tail end is ready; now we need a plan for bulking up the forward portions. Here’s how much it needs to grow:

Anyone have a clever idea of what to use for bulking up the board? Jeanne thinks craft-shop balsa that come in thin strips, adhered to flexible matting. Or we could rip very thin cedar strips on the table saw. I’ve heard of “core mat” but don’t know anything about it. Any good experience is most welcome.

3 thoughts on “Sunday with a glue gun

  1. Greg, you’re a magician!!. It doesn’t look like the build-up is more than half an inch thick anywhere….so why not just go solid glass and know you have a bullet-proof board? Extra weight and materials $$, but you’ll be able to grind to the perfect shape. If using core, I’d avoid balsa, and only something which wouldn’t swell or rot. If that ever happens, you’re f’ed. Cedar strips, like used for canoes sounds good.
    Regards, Goose.


    • Goose, I did some careful measuring yesterday and realized it’s a pretty uniform 1/4″ needed. And I thankfully have just enough left from cabinet building to cover the board where needed on both sides. This is the same divinycel pvc foam core that built the rudders and is used for most custom hulls now. I’ll get some new blades for my Shurform for shaping. wish me luck :)
      I so look forward to having you aboard this summer for a nice mellow, drama-free sail with the new mast. I owe you that one!


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