Saturday Gooseneck Night

Hope the rest of you were groovin’ Saturday night (Allie!). We started the gooseneck (part that connects the boom to the mast).

The wood block is standing in for a big aluminum toggle that will bolt in to the boom end, and hinge here on the long bolt shown.

The afternoon was spent laying a glass layer all along the mast track base. 51′ of tedious handwork, squeezing out every bubble.

The morning was fun though, translating the 2-D spreader plan to cutting out the real thing. They needed a little fill love on the leading edge before taping those edges closed tomorrow.

And here’s one more shot of Will’s beautiful work building the masthead crane / sheave box last night.

…plowing ahead here.

PS – Canada Bill, thx for the encouraging voicemail. Yes, see you on the boat in Mexico soon. Banderas Bay Regatta 2019, baby!


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