Taking flight!

Tonight it’s mostly pictures. Seems they speak for themselves. Big thanks to Rolf and Kris at Bay Marine for expert crane work. Carlos, Jim and I went on deck once they had the mast down on the ball, and we lashed the two cap shrouds and forestay in about 15 mins. Just those three lines, then they removed the crane.

We motored back to our slip where Jim and Carlos busted ass on installing mainsail battens, reefing gaskets and all new sail trim telltales. After all the rigging work, at 2pm Ravenswing could take flight again. Ahhhhhhh…..kudos to Jim for driving the boat today and keeping the mast in the sky. 100% improvement over last time :)

Jib and reacher tomorrow. Stay tuned.

5 thoughts on “Taking flight!

  1. Congratulations to you all! And the curtains look great, too, Mrs.CartersBoat! Any confirmation on where your going to install the electronic mapping screen – or whatever you call it…:) ?


  2. Hola todo Congratulations !!!!!!! looking terrific and the new mast well Gregg you must be a happy trooper now , now the fun starts and testing the rig and stress loads on Ravenswing .
    Saludos mi amigos see you soon .
    Bill in Victoria B.C.


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