On the 11s

Ravenswing departed Half Moon Bay at 11am Monday, and we arrived approx 380nm sailed south Wednesday at 11:50pm. We had punishing seas, flat seas, some fast beamy reaching, slogging along by motor and finally some amazing downwind spinnaker running. Getting around Pt Conception was a handful. No photos for you because it was 2am, seas were nasty, cross waves slamming the hull and the wind building. Dan and Anton took great care of the ship, driving hard with double reefed main and reefed jib. I woke up at 4am to dropping wind and by 6am it became a long motor-sail past Santa Barbara towards LA.

This trip proved sailing can be a great team sport. Jim finally got to live a long time dream of offshore voyaging (we went about 50 miles off the coast to find the right wind Tuesday). Anton also got his first long distance ocean voyage and did a great job handling late night watches. And diagnosing and solving a solar charging problem that could have hurt us if not attended. (Lost one of the four panels and they are in series; That’ll change!)

Big props to Dan the Man Mone. Bay Area skippers know they are lucky to get Dan aboard. He had his hands full on this trip with a green crew (skipper included), some untested gear, confused seas, and general sorting out to do. Dan and I sat on the forward beam tonight reflecting on how much fun he’s had sailing an ocean tri that can get up and go. He and I armwrestled for the stick during the glorious spinnaker run this afternoon from Oxnard to Pt. Dune.

lasagne Dinner on the last sea evening went over well, colored by sunset over Anacapa and Santa Cruz islands.

Here’s the boat’s first visit to a destination port. They put our 27′ beam into a 28′ slip because the big side tie dock was reserved for the 1989-90 Whitbread around the world all-female race boat Maiden. She’s been rehabbed by Tracy Edwards, the one who at 25 years old boldly told the sailing establishment she would rep England in the race with an all female crew. They were heavily mocked, until they won two of the four race legs.

We got to help land the boat this afternoon and talk with the crew. This evening was a free showing of the movie Maiden (tells Tracy’s story) that’s currently out in theaters. Go see it.

Enjoy a little look into the easy part of our trip.

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