Social Isolation tactic

So while many of you are dealing with various shelter-in-place orders, Ravenswing has been prepping for a coastal voyage to get repositioned for an unknown duration. Tomorrow morning in the dark RW and her skipper will slip away from Marina LaCruz on Banderas Bay, bound again for Baja. Our Tracker page (on this website) is back up and I’ll be posting text daily on the right side of the map. Don’t really expect to be hanging with humans for a couple weeks here. Hoping for dolphins and turtles. Kinda had our fill of whales for a while, after that near-collision last week.

On Friday with the news of a midnight border shutdown we panicked and got Jeanne on a plane back home. That went fine. Thx to Chris and Suzie for gathering her at SFO.

The last day of her trip we had a nice long sail on Cam and Vicky’s amazing 53’ French tri Koa e’ Kea. Cam is a veteran Farrier F9 racer and long distance singlehander. Some of you know they bought Koa in Italy and he spent the fall and winter sailing 9,000 miles from the Med to Caribbean to Panama and the long run up to PV, Mex. I guarantee none of you will ever see a finer trimaran interior. Crazy good joinery, leather, slate, etc. What a nice high performance home for these guys!

Tomorrow’s trip is a big change in plans, and needed prep for singlehanding. The folding bike was a champ this weekend! Hit the hardware store for a big blade putty knife, then a bunch of banks looking for an ATMA that actually had cash. There’s plenty of toilet paper on the shelves here. Cash not so much.

I can sail the boat just fine, but as Drew knows am not the best swimmer. So it was a pretty cool accomplishment yesterday to complete my first ever proper cleaning of the main hull. The bottom is smooth for this trip. Hull divers earn their money in my book! I worked pretty slowly which resulted in mild hypothermia- geez, it’s 80 degrees and gorgeous here but I’m out on the nets like a lizard in the sun trying to regain my wits. What a dork – bring the damn wetsuit on the plane next time!

Next up was cooking then freezing some dinners for the Pacific portion of this trip.

And doing laundry on the cockpit floor because there aren’t coin machines here and the services wouldn’t be done before departure time. The lovely breeze dried it all easily today.

Banderas Bay has been every wonderful sailing thing Jim said it would be, and we’ll be back. It’s totally surreal to experience a pandemic in a place that isn’t seeing the cases yet but you know it’s all around / or coming. The Canadians were all called home by their government and tensions at the airport and on the docks were high. By tonight (Sunday), it’s turned to resolution as boats are either prepped to stay here or their owners are aboard and setting sail to less populated anchorages. I for one look forward to some solo time to think about our planet, but it’s burning a hole in my heart to not be with my loved ones right now. We’re all facing tough choices these days.

Godspeed to you, good people.

10 thoughts on “Social Isolation tactic

  1. It was great to meet your family and friends. Taking a sail aboard RW made my day :) Make it a slow and enjoyable run Greg..Many of us that have followed you will be with you in spirit.


  2. Wow, that’s going to be a long solo run! I so wish I could be there, but on the other hand, I am glad to be here with Fedi. Be careful, be safe, I can’t wait to see the boat again in the Sea Of Cortez!


  3. We’re following along & loving the comments on the tracker. Rooting for you from the mainland & sending good wind vibes your way! Woooohooo!


  4. Thank you for getting mom home safely. I wish I was with you for the long sail home instead of out here on the ambulance. Stay safe!


  5. I am watching the tracker with great interest, thanks so much for the updates! It’s weird up here, we are much less affected than many of our friends who live in the city and have jobs ;-)


  6. Want company/ crew to head back to sf?
    Met you at napa marina when you put in , and again when you beefed up rudder…
    Let me know. Thanks, Craig


    • Craig where are you now? You don’t want to come down to MX if you’re in the US right now. Are you thinking that you want to join when Ravenswing comes back up the coast? That might be another year, at this point!


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