Guaymas bound

OK kind followers, the bird is on the move (or will be before sunset). Too antsy sitting here at the marina. After much info gathering the plan is to sail over to mainland side, about half way up the Sea of Cortez, and haul Ravenswing at Marina Guaymas. They have a dirty but secure yard that welcomes DIY. That will be good when the crisis has settled and travel is once again allowed. I hope to haul the boat on Friday, and I have a ticket on American Airline’s last scheduled flight out of Hermasillo next Monday. There was a just-retired Boeing engineer docked next to me yesterday and he explained the air filtration systems on modern jets. Now I’m feeling way better about the airplane than a bus, etc.  Just gotta get through the airports without touching anything/one.

Tracker is on. Part 2 begins tonight….

7 thoughts on “Guaymas bound

  1. Carter! Such an awesome journey! So fun to follow… Please consider wearing any kind of mask (maybe not a “clown” mask however, lol) as you transit airports… one key benefit is that the mask helps to keep your own hands off of your face, thus reducing transmission… and lots of hand sanitizer of course… if you keep your hands clean, keep your distance, and keep calm, you can very much stay safe. Good luck amigo!!!


  2. Hi Gregg
    Thanks for the up date Take care and keep your hands clean and your social distance
    Hope we can all get the numbers down and get back to a normal life soon
    God bless
    All the best


  3. Fair winds Greg and be careful. Good advise above and I know you will heed it.
    Taking some time for people to come to terms with a situation that needs everybody’s attention, hopefully the tide will start to turn soon. All the Best.


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