Finding homes for old boats

Today we picked up boats 2 and 3 of our save-5-boats project.

The Snark is indeed an easy car-topper. Just tossed it right up on the paddleboard rack, about 7’ up. It has no glamour left after so many years in the sun, but after the new owner sews up a replacement sail, I think this little craft will be a good seat of the pants sailing trainer. Hey, remember all the soda pop merchandising displays in the 80’s? I got a laugh when this sail was unrolled today.

Wendy, everything you need is here. So if these photos don’t scare you off, the Snark is yours.

Boat #3, the Chrysler LoneStar 16, needs your help. Perhaps Anton wants to take the plunge? Or Don has a line on someone who wants it on Tomales Bay? This one looks to have all the needed parts, and the sails appear usable (made of decent fabric). The main needs a restitch along the foot, but I’d be willing to fix that if this ol’blue doesn’t have to come to my yard!

This one comes with all the paperwork since they bought it 40 years ago. Including clear title on the little trailer. Let’s find this one a home ASAP, and I’ll deliver it.

Boat #4 was a surprise bonus from the nephew of sailboat donating man. When I picked up the Lido last week Steve the landowner asked if we’d be interested in an old ski boat. He didn’t know the Carters owned a ‘69 Corvette this very same color, and I regret losing that car to child-rearing practicalities 30 years ago. So heck yeah, who wouldn’t want a ‘69 SeaFlite?

We put on new trailer tires and fresh bearings. Made the afternoon run Sacramento to Novato on 1987 license plates, non stop in the left lane of two freeways with no trailer lights. This boat sat in a shed unused since the early 80’s because one day they launched with the on-land motor flushing plate still attached, blocking intake flow, overheating and cracking the exhaust manifold. He even bought the new part 20 years ago (it’s still in the box today) but never got back to it on their big busy farm. Piston hole 1 has a lot of rust, so we’re looking in to engine swap options. Charlie, can you and Ben tell me what to do with this Chevy mercruiser six? Outdrive and hydraulic steering look good. I’ll have to revamp the gas supply and redo wiring.

This boat will get a makeover and move to Colorado for Griffin & Taylor. My goal is to be dragged around a lake on a tube by my kid driving his ‘69 ski boat within a year. We even got the original removable hardtop, although it has some bad damage and I have other fiberglass projects ahead of that. Jeanne and I really dig the lines and vibe of this Apollo era retro ship.

OK good people, let’s get the LoneStar re-homed, and then I can tell you about the original owner Coronado 15 that is #5 in this unexpected adventure.

4 thoughts on “Finding homes for old boats

  1. Oh boy do I love this! It’s so great that you’re helping these boats get their 2nd chance and bringing joy to people. That 69 SeaFlite has got such style, and if I know you at all you’re going to redo it just right. I can’t wait to see what she’s like when you’re done. I have always felt like boats have a soul and wonder about the history (where they’ve been, what they’ve done, who with, etc) as before Trident we had several boats that were very old. It’s awesome that these boats will have more stories soon.

    Nice work Carter!


  2. Oh Boy, that boat is cute, and looks like it would be a fun touring boat for the delta. I can’t take any more boats, but I can put it up on Facebook in the Washed Up Yacht Club if you want, might find a good home for it there…


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