Boxes of rocks

We had never actually seen gabion (rocks in cages) walls in person. Phew, good thing we love the results! Turns out our new walls will take about 90,000 lbs of rock in total.

The work should be pretty straightforward but it was tricky to figure out how to stack a good looking outer face and keep it all vertically plumb. It was a wise move to hire Ari Reis and the two guys he brought. Pending the next rock delivery, we hope to finish the wall construction mid week.

The water trough veggie boxes came out well.

Each bin has a water feed from our existing sprinkler system. Picked up a couple of circuits from the former lawn.

Now I’ll make you look at pictures of dirt, so we can remember where the pipes lie.

While we were on lunch break, the LoneStar new owners came to take it away. They sail a Hunter 33 and had been looking for a day sailer to refresh.

It was good to clear a driveway spot :)

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