Ski boat transom work

We’re splitting time these days finishing the rock walls, working on vegetation, and rehabbing the ‘69 SeaFlite. After 57 tons, I’m pretty f’ing sick of lifting rocks. So let’s work on boats.

Got some 3/4” ply, cut it into approximate size to fill the original thin-wall sections, and glued up double layers with fiberglass in between. Now we have 1-1/2” solid transom material to fit…

Then made up a bonding paste of chopped strand mat and thickened polyester resin, and clamped & temp-screwed them in to position.

It’s thick goo, to deal with the irregular surface of the existing boat.

A layer of 18oz kyntex went over the top and was tabbed to the hull.

As an inboard engine boat, this was designed to put the propulsion force into the old engine beds, and not all on the transom. So we’re structurally tying the forces from the new motor mount area to the original zone. We’re using composites to unify the transom, stringers and original engine bed. It starts with offcuts from a big carbon fiber, foam core panel that Cozmo gave me a while back.

Did you catch the glassing boo-boo? Second to last photo, in the middle of the transom. I did a big 78” wide, 20” tall Kyntex single piece across the whole area. It got very hot in the late morning sun and I’m using the last ounces of my fast set good epoxy. After I had it all peel-ply’d and squeegeed out, I took off for the rock store to get the last retaining wall stones. Came back to the boat late in the day and found that big spot had bubbled. Pretty sure that part in the direct son kicked off too fast and trapped some air. Darn, had to end the day by grinding away some of the morning task. That’s boat repair life.

Now we’re stopped until we get more epoxy, hopefully tomorrow. It’s cardboard time again anyway – need to mock up the new outboard well this weekend.

2 thoughts on “Ski boat transom work

    • Bought a quart kit of polyester so I could use chopped strand glass (epoxy isn’t supposed to melt the binder in that stuff). Holy crap does that stuff stink. I can’t use it.


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