Making a place for the outboard

The ‘69 SeaFlite got her beefy transom upgrade in the last couple of posts, and now we’ll recap building the outboard motor well. The theme of this project is “up cycling” i.e. taking old stuff for free or low cost and make it go faster!

The old motor cover donated itself as panels for the motor well
Didn’t have quite enough width from the old stuff, so the front face is leftover plywood from the transom thickening
The sides come together. The yellow squiggles are old glue that held crappy “sound insulation” around the Merc inline 6
Tying the motor well to the transom gussets
Had to rebate some of the old engine bed to get the new 3/4” floor panel to fit.
This 50 year old boat now has a bit of modern carbon fiber foam core bulkhead panel composite structure in it! (We has some scrap pieces available)
This is under the new motor well; we’ve left a bilge where the old transmission was. Will put in a pump and keep the original drain plug hole.
Finished product, ready for some fairing. Didn’t take any photos of the monotonous fairing passes. Mainly because I wasn’t as particular back here like we were with Ravenswing;)
Pulled up the filthy old carpet and found the original plywood floor had been left untreated. So we did an epoxy skimcoat. That old plywood drank the epoxy like an Annapolis cadet on shore leave. So we’ll probably fill gaps tomorrow with some putty before painting it.
Yea! Glassing work done and first primer applied. I think once we mount the engine this thing will look pretty close to a factory original outboard model.
Yesterday I dove in to the electrical and removed the entire old system. We’re not saving the stylish dashboard and gauges, but hopefully some restorer will buy it all! The tape is around the old MerControl throttle. Sadly I had to cut the old unit because they installed it before bonding that interior panel to the hull. Damn, those old units get $150 on eBay and this one was in good shape.
Making the 3.5” hole for a 1990’s throttle assembly
I’d really like to use the old chrome Merc handle but it just won’t retrofit. Trying to figure out how to “sixties-ize” the used stuff we bought. Stay tuned.

Next up is a bit more primer then hopefully our International Orange from Ravenswing is a good enough color match. I spent Sunday in Sacramento pulling a 90’s Evinrude 120hp V4 from a going-to-recycling boat. mid 90’s heat and it took from 9:30am to 2, including throwing my chainhoist over the old guy’s front yard tree, but we got everything we need including gauges, shifter, a nice Teleflex steering system and the full wiring harness. The motor had recent work by a reputable mechanic, and it fired up and ran well, so FINGERS CROSSED!

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