Need a sailing fix?

It’s been nearly five months since I’ve hoisted a sail, and that’s just too darn long. Hope you all are getting out there on the water. Yeah we’ve kept busy with the five little boats, but I also finally focused on figuring out i-Movie so we can share video of the Mexico travels. OK, drumroll please… edited video #1 comes your way tonight!  Holy crap, movie making is hard. You guys get what you pay for here. We’re picking up the story after the 2019 Baja HaHa and my solo sail from Cabo up to LaPaz. Recall we left Ravenswing in the marina just before Thanksgiving. In this video I go back to the boat in February, and with two crew-shifts, we adventure towards Puerto Vallarta. Sailing the Pacific side of Mexico has been magical so far.  Perhaps you’ll agree…

1 thought on “Need a sailing fix?

  1. Hola Gregg
    Thank you for your video , of youth trek leaving la Paz .As you said a great sailing area plenty of bays for anchoring .
    Many memories too when I sailed from PV to La Paz a few years ago .No light pollution and photoluminescence seen
    Thank you Gregg hope to see you all when this Covid 19 is under control look after yourself and family too.
    Saludos mi Amigo


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