Swimming with Seals

Isla Garda got even better on the second exploring day, as the sea mammals came out to play. We hope you all enjoy this final installment in the 2020 voyages series.

Where you see the boat at the end of this video is also were I just drove back to last Friday. Our pickup is a moving workshop / tool shed, and I’ve moved back aboard Ravenswing with a very busy weekend starting the upgrades projects. This is going to take a couple of weeks of non-stop work. Get up with the sun, work til it’s dark and too cold. Clean up, eat, sleep, and do it over again. The camera is helping, so you’ll get a good summary of the work.

In the mean time, please enjoy the favorite paddle boarding and 100-mile beat to weather of the year!

4 thoughts on “Swimming with Seals

  1. Wow, just wow! Dud the seals seem to be friendly? No worries about getting bitten or maybe the inflatable getting nipped :-)
    I miss Baja, can’t wait to go back down.


    • The seals seemed young and very curious, but smart enough to not get within touching distance. The sea lions on the other hand were PISSED and one charged at me. He gave up once it was clear I was paddling away from him. I will give them more space next time!


  2. Really enjoyed this adventure. Did an UnCruise cruise line small boat, (70 passengers) 10-day cruise in those same waters a couple of years ago. I owned a Catalina 22′ for 15 years but never did any open water stuff-really envy your spirit! Thanks for taking us along. Ashley Carter’s “Uncle Tom”


    • Hey Tom, so nice to hear from you!!! I’m thrilled that you’re reading this stuff, and that I’m keeping a traveling pro at least mildly entertained. Hope we could see each other with Ashley in 2021. This crap has to pass, and let us get back to contact… Be well. -greg


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