So worth the wait!

Ravenswing has new crew. With very sharp teeth. Boat work down at Cabrales / Puerto Penasco went on hold first to reunite Jeanne and Greg after a month, but also to drive up to NE Oregon for our long-awaited chocolate log :)

This is how Ruby behaves about 1% of the time:

Mostly it’s running around chewing on stuff, which causes yelling, that seems to get the attention, which leads to a moment of quiet / good dog, which invites freedom, meaning finding something to chew, and the cycle repeats. Only to be interrupted by peeing, pooping, and our favorite, EATING! She’s 9 weeks old today, already pushing 17 lbs, and we’re proud to report she’s very smart and doing well in her training sessions (sit on command, early fetching, leash walking, etc)

Apologies in advance, because there will be puppy video clips interrupting your regularly scheduled trimaran movies. Because you deserve it, and they will be exceptionally cute.

Tonight, let’s recap the day out at Anton & Fedi’s ranch. More good stuff putting the love back into the Newick 26 Sommersault prototype boat “000”. After a few weeks docked at Charlie’s place on the Napa River for her re-launch maiden sails, this boat is deemed a winner and very worthy of more refurbishing work. Anton’s gonna be a force on the Bay Area Multihull Association starting lines soon. Enjoy today’s work, without getting paint dust in your ears and beard (don’t ask).

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