Getting the boat ready to launch again

I just paid the yard bill installment at Cabrales in north Mexico. Argh, it’s just about a YEAR the boat has been sitting on the stands. But Ruby and I are down here now, getting things ready for our early October launch. It’s really hot during the afternoon, so we hide out in the air conditioned customer lounge. In a bit we’ll go back and work on getting both the main and dinghy motors started (and running smoothly). The main motor wouldn’t fire this morning so I’m doing some troubleshooting.

The nice beach is about five blocks away, and we’ve been hitting it for an hour or so each day. Ruby the water dog, at 8 months now, is a great swimmer. Fun to watch her body surf a bit. I should get some video for you guys!

Here’s the latest from the boat shed, just before coming back down to Mexico. The re-done floors you’ll see in this movie now look good back in place. Enjoy.

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