2 thoughts on “Ruby’s cruise through the Loreto Islands Nat’l Park, part 2 of 2

  1. I was recently in Loreto and spent a day in the marina helping a friend with some boat chores and your boat caught my eye while out on a dingy tour or the moorage. I started looking for a trimaran recently and was excited to find your blog with your build and adventures so well documented. Is your boat regularly in Loreto or were you just passing through?


    • Hi Casey. Ravenswing spent 14 months based on the moorings at Puerto Escondido. It was a great spot for us to do ‘commuter cruising’ with the easy airport at Loreto. And I got to experience driving down Baja a couple times with Ruby the Labrador. Glad all the build stuff is helpful. Don’t build one – buy one and fix it up is cheaper and faster :)


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