What’s inside the beams

This month is all about doing work hopefully no one will ever see. There’s a lot of intricate structure inside the box beams, and once the tops go on next month, the “innards” will be sealed in forever. First up are the beam bolt connection brackets that got attached to the webs shown in the last post. Here are the assembled pieces, with their ‘wings’ on top. Those make a wider grab space for affixing the beam tops. I installed these four inside the beams today, then went on to finishing the last big aluminum bracket plates that bolt to a forward bulkhead and stick out of the hull to receive the beam struts.

final pair of bracket plates – other 3 sets are already installed


1 thought on “What’s inside the beams

  1. Your comment that a lot of the aluminum struts and bolts will be “sealed out of sight, forever” makes me wonder – do your plans tell you to use some type of “never-fail” lock nut? – and/or tighten all the nuts using a torque wrench applying a specific number of foot-pounds of torque when fastening the nuts to the bolts? (this usually gives a permanent result) -or, possibly, weld them to the bolts? (that’s probably impossible, since welding could melt, or, worse, set fire to, the fiberglass – !! Dad


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