Christmas Greetings from the boat shop

Sane people were home wrapping Christmas presents. Here on the sailing fringes, we were wrapping with a special brand of itchy fabric :)


Glassing the beams all the way around is a messy job, with epoxy dripping and catching on the clothes, etc. So it was a night to push through, and by 12:30am all four beams are now structurally complete – building them was pretty much a full year of work squeezed in amongst the full-time “day job”. Happy to move on to cosmetics.

Merry Christmas to you Royal Oakers, my colleagues, fellow FBoaters, dear family, Friends of Origami, and people humoring me by reading this stuff. May you enjoy a safe, happy holiday time. And if things go well, let’s sail this big boat together in late 2013!


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