Starboard side of the trimaran comes together

Step one this weekend was pulling the floats put of the shop so the main hull could slide to the left wall, making enough room to mount the beams and starboard float for the first time.
Griffin and I are reminded how big the finished boat will be when we take these 35 footers out for a walk…


First we mounted the beams and their diagonal supports. It was a big job as they are much heavier than at the trial fitting months ago, and with the requisite protective brackets in the beam receiving pockets, they no longer fit vertically. The plans warn that some grinding may be necessary. Yep, a big mess with carbon dust sent flying in the shop. Then we jacked the boat up a few inches so the float would slide under the beam ends.


After a lunch break, I spent the afternoon with various blocks and a big automotive floor jack getting the float in to position so the beam sleeves can be bonded in to the float bulkheads inside. Everything is lining up as it should, but it surprising to see how canted inboard the floats will be. We got used to seeing them perfectly level on deck in their cradles, but the decks will slant in on the water. Seems safer, and more buoyant on the leeward side underway.

Evenings this week will hopefully see the structure all built inside the floats to secure the beams in place.


3 thoughts on “Starboard side of the trimaran comes together

  1. Jim Eggleston and I will be in Mex over the next few weeks…you can bet we will be talking about your project..LOL…Jim has been sending me pictures etc. I can’t wait to see the finished product.

    Bob Richards
    aks Soapysails


  2. !! – What a job!!   It’s hard to believe that the side hulls aren’t exactly VERTICAL  when installed!  Can you find any photos of finished boats,  either from the rear or head-on, that show this??  I guess it makes some sense, since once either side hull is down wind, it would probably end up vertical, or close to it, with any wind pressure on the sail.  Did just you and Griffin do all that moving everything around for the trial fitting?  Can Griffin bring along at least half of his baseball team to help with such jobs????   Anyway, congratulations   on the beam fitting onto its two arms??   Best, Dad



  3. Greg, Amazing to see it starting to come together! I like the canted floats, one question though is if the outside wall of the float is also canted. If it is, will you tend to squeeze fenders up and out from between the boat and a dock? Just a stupid implementation question from the peanut gallery.


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