Starboard fit-out complete

We reached a nice milestone today with the last step of fitting the beam and float main hull all together. I thought that the float would lower immediately under its own weight once unbolted and the jack inched down. But it actually took quite a bit of levering and wiggling to get everything apart. The beams with their fairings are getting quite heavy – almost too much for Griffin and I to bring down. Will probably rig a tackle from the roof trusses for the port side.


Here’s the completed beam-to-float bolting flange. The jagged edges will be cleaned up in the process of final glassing and fairing of the completed beams. Light at the end of the tunnel!!


After these beams came down, the floats went back out in the street to make room for the main hull to shift to the other side of the shop. Two of us can just barely push it around with the old metal trolley wheels. I think that’s the last time it needs to move before loading on to a truck for the harbor next year. For now, we’re ready to fit out the Port side :)


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