Finishing like a Corvette

Griffin’s doing yoeman’s work block sanding the main and fore cabins. We’re down to the handwork, and it’s grueling to get thru the epoxy (mixed with fairing ‘balloons’). So we decided to do the final skim work with auto body filler made to work with fiberglass. That’s where the Corvettes and Lotus cars come in. It is proving easier to get the flush smooth final base. Here’s the clear epoxy colored with red balloons, and the green Corvette stuff.


And while the next fill coat was drying I went back outside to the rear deck to finish building the steps. The top one is cut in to the cabin top. This was the first time trying the vacuum bagging on the hull, and it worked very well. Now it’s time to finish sand the whole rear deck area. Working back there will give some time to think about possible mounts for a Med-tie gangplank. Figure it’s good to think ahead to visiting foreign ports and comfortably stepping on the quay :)


Doing all this paint prep, Griffin is thinking about how we should paint the exterior. Lets just say that after all this time and money invested, we won’t be doing something like this:
(Only in San Francisco, right?)


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