window recut and fridge

One thing learned about this project is it has to be OK to make changes, before things get too late. For example, two months ago it seemed wise to solve for the non-parallel big ceiling bands to get covered with a nice mahogany veneer symmetrical box that would also house the saloon lighting. So I cut the windows to line up with this (future) box, and left that part of the ceiling un-faired. But here in August, really looking at all that, the box idea is unnecessary weight and building complexity. We’ll do a simpler wood trim. And so the 6 windows needed to be reshaped on all 12 sides. That meant temporarily securing back the original cutouts to grab more tapering width on some edges and re glassing those pieces back in. And making deeper angled cuts on other sides. Then glassing all the window edges to cover all the final cutout sills. Now the windows are in synch with the asymmetric ceiling bands, and I like the new ‘leaning forward’ look better than before. So that’s about five hours of fix instead of probably 50+ for the original idea.


Here’s this evening’s work on the refrigerator. The whole thing is sort of a deep triangle as the bottom follows the hull contour. You can see the four inches of solid foam core on the sides. Under the pink layer glued in here is another 1.5″ foam layer. Next up is glassing in that bottom, fairing and painting, then building the back where the clamps are here.


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