Dining and navigating

Well the boat shop has been busy but there hasn’t been time to post here. The work has moved back to the interior while some final steering and anchoring parts were ordered. I met with a marine electrics specialist to discuss wiring the boat, and agreed to have Joe create a systems schematic as our blueprint. While he prepares the specs and develops the parts list, we’re back at the boat planning the cable runs, panel location and tricks to conceal all the wires while also keeping everything trouble-shooting accessible. Captain Holway will be very happy when he sees how the electrical access turns out.

After the head, we moved on to the dressing/wardrobe cabinets and now the nav station and galley. All done first in cardboard as templates for the foam core fiberglass panels.

Here’s some seat back storage in the dinette, looking aft towards the galley.

Then panning left; the light tan bar in the middle serves as the backsplash to the galley counter and stove.

The galley shelves all got bonded to the hull walls tonight.
The big hole where you see the orange cord disappearing is the space for the stove/oven unit.

The freezer box is now faired in with its extra cubic foot extension, and now awaits paint before final install of the cold plate and refrigerant/compressor tubes. This thing is a tight fit – the black pen lines on the sides are where the side walls of the freezer box meet this back panel. We had this box dimension when shopping at the boat show, but this got pretty snug!

Worked wrapped at 11pm tonight with a push to get the radio / electronics cabinet installed above the navigation desk. The large cut-out is to make this face panel hinged for easy access to wiring and installation of various nav and communications components. There’s a foul weather gear locker to the right, a handheld electronics cubby above that, and a sloping cabinet below the desk for charts. The desk’s wood trim was roughed in with fir, but needs some skilled woodworking to make this be a proper focal point in the boat’s fit & finish. Any fancy wood inlay ideas for the desktop out there?


2 thoughts on “Dining and navigating

  1. Hi Greg:

    Incredible stuff here. I’m writing because I apparently own your grandfathers boat ‘Trio’. I was reading the Chris Craft Sail Yacht yahoo group and came across a post of yours from like 2010. Trio was renamed Althea. We boat her on the east coast but knew her before that in Sausalito. She made a trip down to Mexico and back before going back down, through the canal, up the western caribbean and to Florida. My wife and I made the same trip, buddy boating with the owners of Althea. We bought her in 1999 and sailed her through the eastern caribbean and back to the West Coast. In any event, just thought I’d track you down! Send an email, and I’ll send some photos. Good luck with this project!

    Mark Matthews


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