Rollin’ out the paint

The boat shop is a bit more navigable tonight with the FINISHED beams loaded on their little trailer and stored off site. The daggerboard is getting its last bits of bottom paint, and once that cures will get wet-sanded smooth over the weekend.


The remaining work on the floats is painting the net lashing tubes, the chainplates and some other minor modifications to the hatches. Here we’re finally ready to get that going.

And this evening was the first coat of Interlux PrimeKote.

Work was actually stopped last week while Greg visited Colin’s place in Virginia. We made new mountain biking friends and found about 100 miles of great trails. Definitely going back there! But the best part was finally sailing Colin’s Coronado 15. Long time blog followers remember the second boat we squeezed in to the shop last year for a rehab – careful what you find on craigslist. Anyway, the little orange boat is a kick in the pants.

Right after VA we picked up Keith and Val Burrage at SFO for a day of sailing aboard a nice charter cat (thanks again Rick!) then time in the shop for Keith to inspect the work and help unpack the sails he designed. The HydraNet sailcloth looks and handles great so far. As a pleasant surprise, it’s semi translucent so it should look pretty swanky up in the sky

This is a full batten jib, and in this shot it’s reefed down with the excess foot rolled up and tucked in to a pocket bag that zips on to each side of the sail. Keith and others swear this is possible at sea.


We’ll keep the paint rolling, and figure out how to juggle numerous projects while layers dry.

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