The neighbors are talking

On Sunday Rick Waltonsmith brought his 35′ heavy duty aluminum boat trailer up to Santa Rosa on loan to our project. We’ll use it first to store the completed floats and mast offsite. And it should be able to haul the main hull to the marina for the launch. This gives us much more flexibility than renting a semi truck flatbed. Seeing the big trailer at the shop Monday morning got the local business owners buzzing, “maybe he is actually going to finish that darn thing!” The best part is all their offers of help for the day we roll it out of the shop, use jacks to remove the cradle, and slide the big trailer under the boat. Hopefully in July …

Today was non-skid painting. I had heard a nice trick for masking rounded corners, so we gave that a try.

Make the 45 degree corner then cut around a quarter with a sharp blade.

And peel away the excess.

It took about an hour to mask the four beams with all the corners.

Griff and I went back after dinner, about two hours after the second coat, and pulled the masking. Very happy with the results.


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