Thanks Latitude38!

wow, Latitude gave our boat some nice real estate in their August issue. You can read their story in the online edition, or page 84 of the print mag. Go to Latitude site here

When managing editor Andy Turpin visited the shop, I was a bit vague about the project history between the two families. So a few clarifications from the article… Howard and I combined add up to about 7k hours. It was Howard’s idea to ‘take a bit of the forest to the sea; I liked that and have continued with the cabin woodworking he started. Thankfully, we have Farrier’s updated plans for the F39 cassette rudder system, so that part of the steering is built to plan. We’ve customized the steering linkage components, and of course all that trim tab / wind vane stuff. And for those who are really tracking my details, the beams fit in to sockets in the floats, not the main hull :)

A big thank you here to the Latitude 38 staff for taking the time to drive up to Santa Rosa, do the fact-checking phone calls and give us so much encouragement. That 2015 Baja HaHa start line is now sounding too optimistic, but Ravenswing will be out there sailing this year and we love the last line in his story.

For you Latitude readers who’ve just clicked over, notice the Follow button on the right side of this website home page. Sign up with your email address and you’ll get the latest installments of the build sent about once a week. WordPress does NOT use the email addresses for anything else and the list is confidential.  I’ll be posting details about launching and test sails where we’ll need plenty of crew to shake down the new boat. Hope to see you out there. 

We only got a few of the “credits” into the article – there are many more fantastic supporting companies and individuals to this project (I don’t think you can build one of these boats alone!). We love the help from Skateaway Design, Colligo, Digital Marine of Sausalito, Fiberglass Supply in WA, Applied Poleramic (epoxies), Golden Oldies Multihulls in Reno, and MultiMarine in Venice (yea, that’s Leneman’s summer splash tshirt I’m wearing in Latitude shots). If any readers want sourcing help, drop me a line. 

Thanks for reading!

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