Tap tap tap

It was easy to fill in all the old holes on the mast from the prior installation of the Tides Marine sail track. But we knew there would be pain ahead when the beefed up mast was ready. Ugh, it’s been five hours so far to drill and tap about 100 bolt holes.


The green tape is the same one you saw two weeks ago, marked with the old holes so we could ensure the new ones are far enough away.

We tried putting the threading tap in a low speed power drill, but the machine’s torque broke the bit – seems you really need that touch of doing it by hand. 70 more to go, a couple minutes each… No TV tonight :)

3 thoughts on “Tap tap tap

  1. Try a cordless drill with an adjustable torque setting (and set it low) with a leveling bubble so you tap perpendicular.


  2. Cordless drill broke the tap bit, even going slowly. You really need the feel by hand; as it starts to bind, need to turn backwards a half rotation or so to clear debris from the cutting teeth. All very good for one’s Zen meditation practice.


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