Just rewards

This one’s for Schildknecht

THAT tasted good after seven hours of painting the deck and cabin top today!

Four and a half years of looking at raw fiberglass and carbon, parti-color fairing putty, various primers, sharpie pen marks and general grunge… And tonight it’s magically replaced by a decent looking boat. Phew!





Of course there’s a ton more work to do. That’s the first coat, and we had a bit of trouble from cleaning the surface with mineral spirits, not the expensive Interlux 2333N thinner. The paint started orange-peeling so it took some fussing with re-rolling as it began to get tacky. That mistake was corrected by re-wiping the whole project again. And we had roller problems; as the paint got closer to its curing time or the roller cover was on more than a half hour, the solvents began to eat the foam roller. So we have little bits of crap to sand off in a day or two. I have some (supposedly) solvent and epoxy-proof rollers on the way. And we’ll try the ones Andy Miller text-reco’d this afternoon. (Y’all can search back on this site about 1.5yrs for Andy’s F22 Dart launch party). Dart is up in Washington now, but seeing her splash that first day has been motivating our work for a long time now. Yes Andy, almost…

Thank you to Mrs. Carter for spending her weekend keeping the Homefront gardens in lovely order. The boat builder seems paint obsessed, shirking yard work duties. Divide and Conquer, I suppose. Thanks honey!


6 thoughts on “Just rewards

  1. So nice to see the project at this stage. I too like the Interlux line of coatings and use the roll and tip method. With all the angles you’re dealing with, having a two man team and adding Interlux flattener #333 should net a beautiful finish. Soon the addition of hardware, etc. will show her true colors. Wishing Jim and I could be on hand to help.


  2. hey Bob, look at this quote from the Interlux website.
    “Flattening Agent for Two Part Polyurethanes will provide a reduced mar-resistant finish and therefore should not be used on walkways etc. The use of Flattening Agent for Two Part Polyurethanes should preferably be restricted to interior applications as under some conditions reduced gloss level finishes may show limited exterior life expectancy. The addition of Flattening Agent for Two Part Polyurethanes will affect the opacity of the topcoat. For best finish, apply the first 1-2 coats with full gloss finish, then add the flattening agent to the final coat.”

    This surprises me, and gives me pause about using it. Any experiences or thoughts you could share? Maybe we talk by phone today.


  3. As soon as the roller slows down chuck it, even west rollers are only good for 15 or so minutes. Home Depot works fine with that rule . Looking good ! Stephen Sent from AOL Mobile Mail


  4. I seldom use their two part finish, however I do use the one part with excellent results.Keep in mind, our boats are dry stored and seldom left afloat more than a few days.I have used the 333 on the last coat (2or3rd) and found the results good. Having said that, it would worry me too on a job as big as yours. My number here is 304 438 5035. Would love to hear from you mate.


  5. Greg, the best flattening agent for the two-part poly is 2333n. I apparently had my head up my a–, the 333 is best when using a one part (which is what I tend to use most here)


  6. Hey… You missed a spot…! Haha. So awesome, Greg. Really wonderful to witness your continued dedication and passion to make your dream into a reality. Nice job!


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