Like a ’55 Bel Air

Cream on top, pastel colors on the bottom… Looking good for cruising.

Little grommet neighbors have been hanging around the shop neighborhood lately so they got the fun of pulling tape

Then it was time to stand back and breathe a sigh of relief:




And this is where we think the waterline wraps around the tail end (stern end rests up above the water):

It’s a nice ten-foot paint job, especially for a first time amateur. But since the cockpit needs to be a one-footer, we’re wet sanding today and carefully applying one more coat with newfound roll&tip skills. Cross those fingers! (Yes, all this is counter to news a few months back about having a pro spray guy come in, but that’s what money and logistics’ll get you).

We decided to paint all the metal (aluminum) strut/support parts for the floats, but wanted to anodize the bow sprit. Finally made it to that shop yesterday – nope, our 72″ pole is too long for the tank (yes Bill, by 4 inches!). It’s at least 100 miles to the next anodizer shop so that’s not happening. What do you think, just paint it like the other stuff, or go find the local powder coating place? I don’t know how powder coating stands up to the sea. Hmmmm

4 thoughts on “Like a ’55 Bel Air

  1. Looks great. tried powder coating on truck rims and it lasted 1 1/2 years then the salt got under it and it was back for another coat. I’d just paint it your self and touch up as needed.


  2. Looks great Greg ! Taking the pole to a good shop that can handle the length would be my plan too.. Powder coating can look nice, but most job shops will only offer 300 to 350 hr. salt spray test. Have set up many wash tanks and spray washers for mild steel/phos and alum.. Anodizing will give the pole a uniform finish and is your best bet. You can call for several different colors, including CLEAR..


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