Boat Angels.

Here’s the next hero of the story. Jim from around the shop corner happens to have a huge Gradall in his front yard and a few weeks ago I asked if he could help lift the boat bow a few inches on Trailer Day. So this morning he drives over with this

And we start asking, “if we get you close and you don’t extend the boom far, how much can this thing lift?” So imagine Eggleston’s huge relief when Greg’s sketchy plan of blocking and bottle jacks got trumped by complete security / capability

We’re hard pressed to buy this man a nice enough dinner in gratitude of saving the builder’s hide on this one. We had a big crew of friends on hand to adjust the Corsair37 trailer to fit the F39 hull, and after three hours of prep the boat rolled away from her Santa Rosa shop looking so differently from the Christmas 2011 arrival.


That’s Rick Waltonsmith, trailer owner, and your builder checking the fit. Rick’s new, definitely non-trailer able Explorer 44 tri “Round Midnight” is slated to be our buddy boat and/or sparring partner depending on the day:)
The dagger’s new 5/8″ slimmer waistline was glassed overnight, got fairing putty while the guys finished trailer strapping, and primer tonight.

This setback is delaying the water launch at least a day, so those of you planning a visit on Sunday be warned – not a champagne day! Hot, working, bad grass allergies and gnats kind of day. Now targeting Monday for splashing.
It was surreal towing this huge boat through the Sonoma and Napa counties of my childhood on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon. Sailing can be a solo pursuit, but this week is the true definition of community as interested friends and new acquaintances are drawn to this launch by a shared human spirit of accomplishment (and the lure of some fun water time!)

We didn’t have enough blocking to get the floats high enough to join the beams this evening, so Jim, Griffin and I departed before sunset while Charlie and Carlos and Rick stayed in the field working on cartersboat with no Carters in sight because they wanted to finish an earlier problem solve. Jeanne, our sons and I are amazed witnesses to all of your generous time and spirit fellow boat assemblers. We are so grateful you are here bringing this to completion!!! We’ll rally at the SeaRanch in ten hours :)


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