Well in to the evening

Friday was a long one. Here’s Jeanne doing a heroic cleanup, including going after four years of dust under vee-berth

Beams loaded and rolling to Napa on little trailer

CrazyCrane got the mast off the trailer – Charlie is seriously all-in on creative boat solves!

Mast delivery to Napa Valley Marina


Assembly site a mile from the marina

But the best was rolling the boat outside in the eve. Wow does it glisten in the sunshine and make this family proud!

So we were feeling good at 7pm, and then came the daggerboard fitting. Remember this has never happened because it was too tall inside the shop. … Damn, the trunk is slightly shorter at the top and bottom four inches based on how Howard did his glassing work (hull builder) and we didn’t talk about that. I built the dagger to exact plans. It sticks and wouldn’t clear the foil shape slot thru the hull :(
9pm emergency surgery to cut 5/8″ off the trailing edge. Michael Metela next door is the second hero of the day (Nameless Tractor Guy was first )


The boys hauled it back on deck, and it slid home just fine. That left the boat builder a late night of glassing – vac bagging. At least it made it easy to roll in to the rack at 1:45am as the night watchman.

Ok, 7am Saturday now and a huge forklift / Gradall comes at 9 to help get the boat on the trailer. Stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “Well in to the evening

  1. Guys congratulations in this major step!! We, my dad and I, have been following your project closely and are building a f39 ourselves.. Bummer that the daggerboard didn’t fit. Good luck with the very last and final stages.



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