Aluminum trailer for sale

To the fans of Ravenswing, I beg your pardon here with a blatant advertising message. Go grab a snack and we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming shortly…

Rick W’s fantastic aluminum boat trailer is now available for sale. It’s a 2009 MagicTilt, made in Florida and commissioned by Bob Gleason at The Multihull Source in Mass. to carry a Corsair 37 cross country. It was stored here in the bay area after Rick launched his boat, and then we borrowed it in 2015 to hold our floats and mast until gathering the parts at the launch assembly point. Before transporting the main hull in June we replaced the bunk carpets and installed LED taillights. In the photos you can see how our 40′ F36 hull extends well beyond the trailer, so an F32/33, or even an F31, would be very secure with the trailer out near the end of the boat. IMG_3193 IMG_3201 IMG_3203
The trailer has readily adjustable bunks to fit many types of boats, and the weight rating is somewhere up around 10,000 lbs (we will have to go over to Napa to read the ID plate if necessary). It cost $9,000, and the listing price today at $4,500. Contact Greg through replies to this site. Thanks!

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