Shiny grey

Our team back in Mass. is rocking on. Photos show they’ve final trimmed the foot, sorted out the diamonds placement and they’ve got the sail track 200+ holes drilled. Jeanne and I think the paint looks fabulous.

Bummer that this is not going to fit into the 53′ container. We missed by about 4″. So we’re scrambling on other options. Might be a road trip after all.

Any builders following this on the I-80 corridor? Maybe a drop in visit from Team Ravenswing should be arranged :)

6 thoughts on “Shiny grey

  1. Hola Gregg , I have spoken to Jim , he will have some sage advice for your consideration . 4 inches are you sure ?????, remeasure ,just to make sure. !!!!!! Jim and I have had a few concerns for you to consider. Jim will be in touch with you tomorrow am.
    Good luck, Saludos mi amigo !!!!!
    Bill /cuenta in Spanish


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