It’s a date

Monday Oct 22 – the mast arrives at Bay Marine in Richmond! It’s being loaded on a car/toy-hauler trailer this Friday in Massachusetts, sharing a ride with three Stillwater rowing crew coaches’ boats. We’ll need just a couple of hours to run in the halyards, attach the standing rigging and bolt on the new wireless wind direction/speed instrument, then the crane lifts it aboard. Jim is coming down from Oregon. Carlos thinks he can make it. Anyone else want to stand up the new stick and hank on those sails? The goal is to go sailing Tuesday 10/23.

I’ve got about 10 days now to get all the sailing gear details sorted. We’ll record those for you …

The old mast’s wimpy gooseneck was tossed, and you saw the massively stronger setup on the mast a few posts back. Back at home now the boom inboard end is being modified to fit. We came out of Composite Engineering with a beefy hard-anodized aluminum toggle. The boom needs internal structures to receive that.

PS – vac baggers: Comp Eng draws all their stuff down to 30inches mercury after meticulous wetout or infusion of resin. I’m not going to worry anymore about oversqueezing parts. Press it in nice and tight!

With both G10 blocks bonded and carbon-skinned, we lined up under the drill press for a 5/8″ boom articulation pin.

With everything test fit, we bought a new carbide Sawzall blade and started shaping.

Without the mast, I’m having to look back at the photos and approximate measure as to whether or not I’ve rebated away enough of the boom end for vertical and lateral swing. There’s a little more grinding to do tomorrow (curve marks in last photo). We’ll go ahead and paint it as is, and hope no further cutting is needed after it’s fit to the mast.

Gotta say, pretty darned relieved not to be driving cross country right now to fetch the big stick! Got a pro doing it.

6 thoughts on “It’s a date

  1. Hey Greg,

    An ETA – that’s fabulous!

    Do you need those halyard blocks, if so we had better jump on it.

    I am in Jersey, did a lengthy movie shoot with Mark yesterday and have some jobs this morning but then heading home and pretty sure I have a Hi Load 60 mm Torlon roller block that would handle the jib halyard task. Might have an 80 mm Torlon roller block here in the loft too – will look around.

    Let me know if you have it covered.


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  2. Greg,
    I was able to change my Dr. Appointment to Nov.1st so I’ll be there from Sun.21st and get back to Oregon on Sat.27th.
    Can’t wait to see Ravenswing fully dressed without a damaged wing. It’s hard to believe it’s been over a year!
    See ya soon.


  3. Gregg you must be a happy person now , The fun begins ,getting the lines and halyards ready for the installation , plus the electrical cables for the nav lights , going LED too less amps drawn on the batteries ? Glad Jim is going down to help , you too . All the best , Hope the new mast arrives safely to the boatyard. Saludos , Bill in Victoria B.C.


    • No wires in the mast Bill. All nav lights are on deck and on the stern tower. Also the vhf and radar are on the tower. The wind instrument is the only thing on the mast, and that’s completely wireless & self-solar powered.


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