Deport me!

Quick update to say S/V Ravenswing is lining up for Baja HaHa 26 parade start off San Diego’s Shelter Island.

Chris, Anton, Jim and Greg are excited to sail to Mexican waters this afternoon!

Here’s that missing photo of Jim with the WW2 Corsair, and another look at Midway as we exited.

A bit of video from our LA to San Diego day last Tuesday:

Next stop, Bahia de Tortugas :)

Tracking devices are turned on. Go to main menu and click thru to Tracking Ravenswing. Hasta la vista hombres

4 thoughts on “Deport me!

  1. Hola Ravenswing and skipper and crew !
    Good luck to all ,may Aleous be kind to you all as you head southwards with the fleet.,during the race
    I hope the fires will cease and be contained in the northern parts of the state too and homes will be spared from the ravages of rath.
    Take care ,have fun and enjoy .
    Good coverage of San Diego night entry
    Saludos mi amigos



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