Video from the Pacific

The Ravenswing skipper had his hands full on the BajaHaHa, so not many photos were taken. Our sharp crew took a bunch and we’ll do a proper trip report once everything is uploaded. Today we’re hanging out in a restaurant watching Tropical depression Raymond dump many inches of rain on the area. We had some drama with the engine dying 20 miles shy of Cabo in dead calm weather, but warning of the storm coming. Huge thanks to the crew of DeekN’Blues of Vancouver for towing us in to Cabo bay. They dropped our tow line and we lashed the TacoCat alongside the boat to tug Ravenswing into the anchorage. We checked in to the country and not much later were told the port was closing and the anchorage must be vacated by the next morning. We slept nervously, got up and repeated the tow lashing, and got the boat a few hundred yards offshore into sailing wind. A couple hours later after an excellent beat to weather Team Ravenswing finished the 800+ mile trip to Cabo San Jose. This is a beautiful marina and great place to recover from a fairly challenging two week trip. The harbor is closed as large waves are breaking across the entry bar. We’re in the cabin chasing small hatch and hardware leaks. What a grand adventure!

Here is some video to give you a taste at life on the Pacific coast.

1 thought on “Video from the Pacific

  1. So very nice to see you boys close to your end point. Jim seems to be his happy self and that makes his brother by a different mother, so very pleased :) Thanks for the updates Greg and crew.


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