Going Solo

Ok good people, Ravenswing is ready to sail again. The Suzuki engine trouble was a loose and corroded wire from the transmission position sensor to the switches that enable or disable starting and running if the gear shifter isn’t in neutral.

Out on the Pacific, we couldn’t find that because it’s hidden behind the motor’s onboard computer (ECU). The mechanic’s shop is very busy so although he came to fetch the motor Tuesday, he really didn’t get to it until this morning (Friday). It sounds like the long term solution here is a dismounting of the engine annually and complete electrical and accessory parts go-through to eliminate bad wires or corrosion issues. This will be on top of fuel system cleaning.

The marina manager pushed hard yesterday on the fact we were five days overdue for obtaining the ten year Temporary Import Permit. They can’t be obtained in the Cabo area, and I was to get it in La Paz via the boat this week. Long story short I departed Cabo San Jose in a rental car at 4:30am, drove 120 miles to LaPaz, had the TIP by 7:45 (from a federal office at the Pichelingue port building), took all necessary documents to Marina Cortez in La Paz for the upcoming two month stay, and got back to Cabo by noon to check in on the motor shop. He had just solved the problem.

Hitting the rack now, listening to the live duo playing funk on Friday night at the swanky hotel (yea the one with the amazing rooftop bar / spa). I’m the bearded, shirtless weirdo the hip folks are looking at scurrying around the dock. But THEY don’t get to sail 150 miles tomorrow by themselves!

Eager for a good day, but also appreciate you guys keeping an eye on the tracker and urging us on. You should see the dot moving by 6am mountain time, and it’s unlikely with the headwinds we’ll get to La Paz Saturday, so don’t be surprised if the boat stops at a cove East of the city.

One way or another tomorrow should be the longest solo sail of my life so far…

6 thoughts on “Going Solo

  1. Good mechanic! I mangled a finger on an Evinrude flywheel dealing with an older, mechanical version of the same switch while anchored out in the Delta. I had a useless girlfriend aboard, and single-handed (literally) back to port. Careful bro!


  2. The good news about your boats is you can trailer it back. I would like to you to consider bringing it up to my shop in Washington this spring to refit what you ne3d to and then sailing in the greater pacific Nw for the summer before trialing it back down!


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