More HaHa photos

We’ll go backwards a bit here in the travelogue to share some photos from other crew cameras during the Baja HaHa event. Here’s what mellow conditions driving looks like.During leg 1 we had to fix a leak in the water tank connector. When the skipper got frustrated the engineering mate Anton finished the job. A typical galley making dinner scene:Chris and Anton hiked to an amazing Pacific overlook. Speaking of heights, Chris got this vantage from his mast climb in Turtle Bay. I love that he got my current full navy in one photo. Our last supper together, at the 70’s rock themed restaurant. Sunset on day 1 of Leg 2 into Bahia Santa Maria. Other boats closer to shore got squally rain from these cells. We got dry, steady wind.

The boat builder was thankful for Ravenswing delivering her crew safely!

Two weeks together on a small ship in the big ocean brings people close together. We all felt that as the crew said goodbye-for-now to their trimaran. We thank Jim, Anton and a Chris for a great team spirit, good humor, smart sailing and a safe passage to the tip of Baja. Ravenswing and Greg were lucky you all said yes to the trip :)

3 thoughts on “More HaHa photos

  1. Hi Ravenswing! Tally Ho Here! Quite an adventure filled Ha-Ha for everyone. You had told one of our crew (Lorraine) that you took some good pic’s of Tally Ho. Can you please share?


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