77 F degrees & 30% humidity…

… you know what that is? That’s darn good boat painting weather, people!

Drew, we got those notches routed out for the Taco transom. Will probably paint these grey next time RW needs some touch ups. Also have to transfer the stainless steel thumbscrews plate over once we get back to the boat.

Maggie’s cockpit sole got finished up this morning, after a couple of fairing-curing days.

Primer went down this morning and tomorrow the job should be finished with a heavy coat of grey KiwiGrip non skid. The cockpit is rock solid once again.

Just before leaving the boat in Banderas Bay a few weeks back, I offered up on the morning radio net bringing small stuff down from the Bay Area for other cruisers. Two guys came over before my airport run, saying they would each really appreciate a bit of ferrying. Well crap, now I have 45lbs with of zincs, big Garhauer blocks and clutches, and four huge docking cleats that have arrived in various shipping boxes. Careful what you offer up, I suppose. Going to get crafty about making disposable luggage. And I’m carrying our Temporary Import Permit to help argue that I don’t have to pay duty on all this fancy new gear :(

Ok, the boys and Jeanne just had a family phone meeting; we’re still flying to Ravenswing this weekend, but agreed we should wear N95 masks at least through SFO. Keep your corona virus off my face!

1 thought on “77 F degrees & 30% humidity…

  1. I’ve hit a few airports the past few days…I find the guys wearing the masks just slung around their next or the ones that only cover their mouths while leaving nose exposed are very effective!

    BTW- you know what goes very well with a cold corona virus??? A squeeze of lime disease !!!


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