Old photos

Found a number of iPhone shots that didn’t get uploaded for you from Mexico on the last trip, so we’ll go back in time a bit tonight. Still no new videos for you though because a certain blogger seems to have left the GoPro at the boat. Oops.

Adding a t-splitter to fill both water bladder tanks concurrently instead of sequentially
… and had to patch one tank to remove a now-unwanted drain. Dinghy repair kit did it!
Coz & Carter enjoy Espiritu Santo off La Paz
Catholic Church in LaPaz
… and the cathedral in Puerto Vallarta
Tucked in at Cabo San Jose after retreating from the Nirther’ blow
The osprey at Cabo San Jose threatening to crap on Carlos’ clothesline laundry
Sadly I took no photos of Rick or Carlos, but this guy was at the bar we frequented together
Enjoying Banderas Bay anchorage after the mellow crossing from Cabo
Cruisers’ dinghy landing just beyond La Cruz marina
Amazing Sunday market at LaCruz. 100’s of great vendors
La Cruz night life with the Scott family
Our visit coincided with a government backed murals beautification/promote tourism project in La Cruz

Meanwhile, back here in NorCal, we finished up Maggie today and I’m pretty happy with this KiwiGrip nonskid stuff. Application couldn’t be easier. Zoom tin check the finish.

Now working a small punch list to get packed up to fly back. Gathered hardware bits today, put more paint on the swimming ladder and dinghy transom boards, and made the 1/2” pin that permanently replaces the temporary bolt at the boom sheave box (for clew reefing lines)

Once you learn the tricks, 316 stainless steel is so workable!

We got more happy boat vibe in Dad’s marina, as friend Sophie took the big plunge on her dream boat, this sweet Baba30

She works with (our-bro-in-law) Joe in a local sailing charter business, and is embarking on her captain’s licensure process. She sold her Catalina 25 right next to our Catalina 30 Maggie at the same time. Can’t wait to see Sophie get the boat rechristened Clementine and once again sail to Baja, this time on her own ship.

1 thought on “Old photos

  1. Greg, you’ve certainly learned some tricks! Did you use a regular roller on the Kiwigrip, or their special one? Regards, Goose.,


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